Bay State Instrument Models

The Wells Guitar Company currently offers two distinct lines of Bay State instruments; the Vintage or the Modern.

The vintage models look like guitars from the early part of the 20th century. The object here was to reproduce instruments that remind us of the early development of the steel string guitar. The primary elements of these designs reflect a “slot head” headstock and neck joints at something other than the modern 14 fret to the body neck joint. If you want the authentic vintage “look” with modern build methods click the photo or go here.

The current line of instruments reflect what we believe Bay State would have been building if they had continued in existence right up to the present day. These are very modern instruments both in looks and build quality. Solid headstocks and 14 fret to the body neck joints showcase these instruments modern design. If you are looking for this type of instrument click the photo or go here.

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