The Bay State SoundRing® and Humidity Control

The Bay State SoundRing® is a new Bay State innovation for modern acoustic guitars. As anyone who owns a quality acoustic instrument knows, the enemy of the instrument is humidity. Whether you live in a humid climate (Florida), a dry climate (Arizona) or anywhere in between, humidity or lack of it, can cause untold damage to your prized instrument. Bay State has, and continues to encourage, everyone to make use of a good humidifier and to always keep your instrument in the case. But sometimes that is just not enough to avoid damage. Can the builder help?

In analyzing the problem, many people believe that a good finish protects the guitar from humidity changes. It does, up to a point. Humidity will cross the "paint barrier" given enough time. Paint is not a complete block. More importantly, guitars have always had exposed end grain as part of their construction. End grain absorbs moisture geometrically compared to other parts of the wood. Take a look at the soundhole of your guitar. On most instruments the end grain is exposed, right in the area where any swelling or shrinkage of the wood can be catastrophic. Can this be fixed in such a way as to seal off the end grain and avoid potential problems?

Bay State proudly introduces the Bay State SoundRing®. Over a year in development, the SoundRing® is a new rosette that not only is attractive but useful in that the end grain of the spruce top is completely sealed from moisture. No end grain spruce or other top wood whatsoever is exposed to humidity in the air. Cosmetically, the SoundRing® can be made of any hardwood that complements the general cosmetics of the instrument. The design possibilities are virtually endless.

Below are some photos of different designs utilizing the new Bay State SoundRing® and brazilian rosewood.

The Bay State SoundRing® is available as an option on all Wells and Bay State instruments.

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